69 cases of corona in India, the government took this big decision

New Delhi: Corona Virus is now starting to bother India. Within a month, 69 people in India have become infected with the coronavirus. Gradually this number has started increasing. The government is doing everything possible to fight this virus.

Coronavirus cases found from Kashmir to Kanyakumari
According to the report released by the Union Health Ministry, a case of coronavirus has been reported in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Like, a positive case of coronavirus has also been found in Tamil Nadu. The Ministry says that the maximum 17 people have been found to be Coronavirus positive in Kerala. Apart from this, there are 14 cases in Haryana. However, due to the airport and BPTP investigation camp in Haryana, more cases are being seen.

Foreign Ministry canceled all visas
On the other hand, after the meeting chaired by the Cabinet Secretary, the Ministry of External Affairs has canceled all the visas to visit India from 13 March. Now no tourist or traveler can enter India for a month. Also, instructions have been given to contact the tourists present in the country at the earliest office. Now only diplomats and UN employees will be granted visas to visit India. Apart from these, visas of all have been suspended

List of corona virus-positive people still present in India
Kerala – 17
Haryana – 14
Rajasthan – 3
Uttar Pradesh – 9
Delhi – 5
Karnataka – 4
Maharashtra – 11
Union Territory of Ladakh – 2
Telangana – 1
Punjab – 1
Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir – 1
Tamil Nadu – 1

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