Amazing of Aarogya Setu App alerted by giving information about 300 Emerging Hotspots

New Delhi: The government’s mobile application Arogya Setu, developed to track Kovid-19 patients, has played a very important role in preventing the spread of the virus. It has alerted the authorities about more than 650 hotspots and more than 300 such “emerging hotspots” across the country, which could have caused serious damage if left out. This is said by Amitabh Kant, CEO of Niti Aayog.

Since its launch on April 2 this year, 96 million i.e. about 10 crore people have registered with the health care application on the Arogya Setu app. Not only this, it has become the fastest mobile app to reach 50 million users globally and will soon be one of the fastest accessing apps in the 100 million club.

Arogya-Setu succeeded the government in its dual objective. That is, ‘who to test’ and ‘where to test more’. This has helped the government in the fight against Kovid-19. Speaking to news agency ANI, Kant said, “For example, in Maharashtra, the engine has identified more than 60 hotspots in 18 districts. Across the country, the engine has grown at the sub-post office-level between April 13 and April 20 .Predicted 130 hotspots. After about 3 to 17 days after these predicted hotspots were alerted by Arogya Setu, the ‘actual hotspot’ declaration by the Union Health Ministry Be done.

In this way, the engine greatly helped the government fight against coronaviruses with “whom to test” and “where to test more”.

He said, “The Arogya Setu app has alerted the government to more than 650 hotspots across the country and over 300 emerging hotspots that could be missed. It gives accurate forecasts of hotspots and it also provides for new hotspots. It is also preventing birth. The engine has unbelievably described the effect of the spread of infection with precise estimates of localization, direction and velocity. “

The Policy Commission chief said that so far, about 69 million people have done their self-assessment test on it. Of which more than 3.4 million people declared themselves unwell as they were showing more than one or three symptoms.

With this, a dedicated team of more than 70 health workers has reached out to people exhibiting two or more symptoms of Kovid-19.

He said, “A dedicated team of more than 70 health workers has reached about 6,50,000 people, these are the people who had seen two or more symptoms. Whereas more than 16,000 people were given follow-up teleconsultation by doctors has given.”

So far, at least 12,500 users who have downloaded Arogya Setu have been found to be Kovid-19 positive. Bluetooth-based interaction data has assessed and alerted about 60,000 people to various aspects of risk. It includes self-isolation, quarantine, and tests.

Of those assessed as high risk, about 8,500 have been tested, and more than 23 percent of which came with a Kovid-19 test positive, which gives exceptionally accurate ratings.

Kant said that the Arogya Setu is far ahead of any test protocol anywhere in the world and it is many times more than the current efficacy of testing in India.

He said that the Arogya Setu app is available in 12 different languages ​​and soon there is a preparation to bring it in all 22 scheduled Indian languages ​​as well.

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