Bear closes door on woman’s instruction, video goes viral | viral News

New Delhi: Some animals can be adorable and scary at the same time. No wonder the internet is hooked to wild animal videos featuring snakes, bears apart from our usual non-threatening friends: cats and dogs. 

A video of a woman in US’s New Jersey asking a bear to close her door has left the internet under a spell. As per Newsweek, the woman, identified as bear activist Susan Kehoe, can be heard asking the bear to close her door as the cold wind is coming inside. Sharing the video on YouTube, she captioned, “Bears are damn smart! This bear learned how to close the front door to my house.”

As Kehoe opens her door to look outside to check if it is raining, the camera pans to a bear outside the door. She can be heard saying, “Oooh, who do we have here?” “Mr. Bear, will you please close my door?” She reiterates the direction several times as the bear comes closer to the doorway. “Close the door Mr. Bear.”

The bear can be seen following her instructions and closing the door with its mouth. 

Watch the viral video here:

The video, posted on Nov 23, 2021, has garnered 87,815 views and 140 likes. 

Earlier, a video of a cobra drinking water from a glass had taken the internet by storm. 

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