Coronavirus: how is the human body fighting this infection?

It has been said in this research that in many countries including China, there have been reports of people recovering from coronavirus infection. In this case, the researchers tried to find out how the human body’s security system fights the virus and how it can defeat it.

Researchers say that the purpose of this research was to find out about the work of the cells that are giving competition to this virus. They believe that this will help in preparing the vaccine for the virus.

Coronavirus infection, which started from Wuhan city of China, has reached more than 159 countries. According to the World Health Organization, 1,84,976 cases of the virus have been confirmed, while 7,500 deaths have also been reported due to this.

According to Professor Catherine Kedzierska, involved in this research, this is an extremely important discovery because we are finding for the first time from research how our body (immunity) fights the coronavirus

The work of researchers of Melbourne’s Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity has also been praised by many other researchers.

One researcher described it as a major success

What did you find in research?
While cases of coronavirus infection are increasing rapidly, many people have also got relief from its infection.

Researchers say that many people who were infected were quarantined, but now they have returned to their homes after recovering. It tells itself that the human body knows how to fight the disease defense system.

They believe that it had not been given special attention until now.

Regarding their research, researchers say this is the first time that four types of immune cells have been identified through research, which was found to be able to fight Kovid 19.

These cells were detected by the examination of an infected woman. He had a mild to moderate infection and had no other disease other than this.

A woman from Wuhan city in China was admitted to a hospital in Australia after an infection. Within 14 days of being admitted, she recovered completely.

Professor Kedzierska told the BBC that his team conducted a detailed investigation into the woman. This woman’s immune system was at the center of her investigation.

The team, in its investigation, tried to find out how the woman’s immune system reacts to the coronavirus infection.

She states “When the woman’s condition began to improve, certain types of cells were seen in her blood flow. These were the same type of cells that appear before influenza patients recover.”

How is this helpful?
According to Professor Bruce Thompson, Dean of Health Sciences at the Swinburne University of Technology, this research can help identify the virus.

According to Professor Bruce, when you know when different types of reactions will occur, it is easier to find out how close you are to identifying the virus and how it works.

Australia’s Health Minister Greg Hunt says the discovery will accelerate the creation of a vaccine for the coronavirus and will provide treatment to people as soon as possible

Professor Kedzierska says that his team’s next step will be to find out why the immune process weakened or failed in cases where the infection was high.

He said that now it is important to understand what was lacking or what was lacking in the people who died or whether only those people who had any fatal disease died?

If these things become clear then it will also become easier to understand how to save people safely.

Since this research, this center (Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity) has been given additional financial support from the government, as well as Jack Ma, one of the world’s wealthiest people.

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