Coronavirus: India found 12 people infected in one day, 97 died in 24 hours

Coronavirus in India live news and update: The threat of coronavirus is now increasing in India too. As of Tuesday (March 10), a total of 11 new cases of infections were reported in the country. With this, a total of 50 cases of coronavirus victims have been reported across the country so far. In Kerala, 6 new suspects were detected in one day, while three new cases were reported in Karnataka. A total of 5 victims have been found in Pune so far. Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc outside India as well. In Italy, 95 people died in the last 24 hours. The death toll reached 463 here. At the same time, the highest number of deaths of 54 people has been reported in Iran in a single day. To date, a total of 291 people have been killed by the virus. According to the news agency AFP, the death toll from coronavirus in the world has crossed 4000. On the other hand, in Coronavirus stronghold China, the death toll has steadily fallen. On March 10, 17 people died here.

Coronavirus confirmed in two other people who were infected in Pune, three others traveling with them: According to the Maharashtra Health Department, there was a case of husband and wife getting infected with coronavirus in Pune. Both these patients returned to Pune from Dubai on March 1. The duo had gone to the Gulf country for a Dubai tour organized by a travel agency in Pune and then searched for the people they came in contact with. It was revealed that his children, the driver with whom he encountered and a hitchhiker were also found infected. With this, the total number of coronavirus victims in Pune reached 5.

Now 12 people infected with Coronavirus in Kerala- CM Pinarayi Vijayan: Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that 6 new cases of infected have been reported in Kerala. With this, now the number of coronavirus victims has reached 12 in the state. It is reported that a 3-year-old child returned from Europe with his parents was found infected during testing in Kerala. At present, 1116 people are kept in 149 hospitals in the state. On the other hand, the total number of infected in Karnataka reached 4. Here too three cases were confirmed in a day. It is reported that his wife and daughter, a software engineer who returned from the US, are among the infected. Apart from this, the test report of another person who came to Bangalore from America on March 8 has come positive.

Kejriwal, who did not attend Holi celebrations, was not celebrated last year as well: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal did not attend Holi celebrations for the second consecutive year. He did not celebrate Holi due to rising cases of coronavirus and recent Delhi violence. A leader of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) told that CM stayed in his house on this day. Kejriwal did not celebrate Holi to pay tribute to the soldiers killed in the Pulwama attack last year.

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