Coronavirus Live: 114 new cases of Corona revealed in 24 hours

New Delhi: New challenges are coming to the world facing Coronavirus. The situation in America and Italy is disturbed. In India too, 114 new cases of infection have been reported during the last 24 hours. So far 17 has died while 808 are infected. Read the latest updates on coronavirus here

A large number of workers migrated from the cities after the lockdown. States have been instructed by the Home Ministry to stop people from going out. They have been ordered to stay and eat

Major negligence of states in investigating people from abroad. 1.5 million people visited in the last 2 months, but only a few people got investigated. The Union Cabinet Secretary gave the order for investigation.

114 new cases of corona infection were reported in the country in 24 hours. 808 infected in India, 17 deaths so far.

Death of 85-year-old corona-infected woman in Mumbai. Number of coronae infected reached 50 in UP

So far, 26 thousand 350 people have died due to corona. 5 lakh 72 thousand people infected.

On Friday, 345 people died in the US, 1 lakh infected.

In Italy, around 1000 people died during 24 hours.

21-day lockdown declared in South Africa. A travel ban in Iraq till 11 April, foreign flights canceled

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