Dr.Vinay Bajrangi explains how to give your business a complete turnaround

Creating a business and running it successfully is two different aspects. In spite of a fabulous yoga for owning a business, running it with profit depends on factors which always remain unaccounted. Among the many tales that I witness, here is one which can prove to be an eye-opener.

A visibly upset mom once visited me to consult the horoscope of her doctor son. She was anxious to find a way out for her son who was doing terribly in his profession.

His chart had the following promises:

•The planets that could bestow brilliance upon the native were suitably placed.

•There was no interruption indicated in his education.

•The professional life was looking good.

•There was a remarkably strong dhan or wealth yoga in his horoscope.

•There was an indication that he could start his own business.

•The lagnesh was strong and well-placed in a trine.

•The dasha that he was running was average.

In spite of all this, he was failing in his endeavours, and the averagely placed negative yogas had gained such a strength that the strong positive yogas failed to blossom.

What I gathered from the native’s horoscope is mentioned below:

•He had a brilliant academic background.

•He studied in a top medical college of India.

•He bagged an excellent job in a premier health institution.

•He took very little time in becoming an accomplished senior doctor.

•In a small span of time, he had purchased quite a big home, with an additional space for a clinic.

Soon, however, the following things happened to him.

•He quit his job.

•He closed down his clinic.

•His funds and savings evaporated.

•He was running high on debts.

•His relations with his parents and siblings were at a new low.

The circumstances that led to this condition were:

•He thought of opening a good hospital.

•He invested whatever he and his family had, and also took a considerable amount of loan.

•He employed a good number of doctors and other staff, and maintaining them needed a huge amount of money every month.

•The output from the hospital was not even 10% of its capacity.

•Different government agencies were not letting the hospital operate smoothly.

The gravity of affairs was such that he stopped going to the hospital, and started behaving erratically with everyone.

When the doctor’s mother visited me, I asked for two things, which were:

•A vastu-check of the hospital.

•A horoscope check of the subordinate staff.

She apprised me that although a vastu-check of the hospital would not be an issue, getting the horoscopes of the staff would be a problem. Eventually, however, she arranged for everything. My primary emphasis was to check for Rahu, which had an aspect on the 10th house and was placed with the 10th lord. Rahu indicates misappropriate energy at the workplace. I finally arrived at the following conclusions:

•The ICU and recovery rooms were built in the eastern direction, but should have been in the south-western portion of the hospital.

•The doctor’s room was in an irregular shape.

•The geopathic stress in the radiation room was too high.

•Although the hospital building had been renovated, it looked shabby.

•The magnetic field in most places was relatively high.

•The magnetic field in a few places was beyond the permissible limit.

•Parallel vibrations were found at two locations.

•The cosmos telluric channel was also positive.

The next thing was to investigate the horoscopes of a few hospital functionaries. The birth details of the finance head, hospital superintendent, and specialist surgeons were made available to me.

I observed quite a few things about these functionaries, which were:

•The horoscopes suggested that the competence levels of the nursing staff and silent doctors were less than satisfactory.

•Two surgeons were self-centered.

•The main defect was found in the horoscope of the financial head; there was a high chance that he could bring monetary loss to the hospital.

•Few could bring disrepute to the organization.

•A negative public image syndrome was present in two key functionaries of the hospital.

I finally suggested a few modifications, which were:

•Few units, especially Radiology, MRI, and Echo, were recommended to be shut down along with ousting of the staff

•I suggested closing the Dental OPD and the orthopedic OPD along with ousting of its supporting staff.

•I suggested closing the third floor of the hospital.

•I suggested relieving the financial head or curtailing his powers or even replacing him.

These steps were readily implemented. I wanted to implement a few other things, but only after reviewing the situation after six months.

Soon, the business began to flourish, and such was the impact that the doctor himself asked for a review even before six months were over.

It has been two years since my first visit to the hospital, and today, few of the departments that were shut down have reopened. The hospital is doing fairly good, and the doctor has also regained his mental balance.

Dr.Vinay Bajrangi is an experienced astrological scholar. Visit his website www.vinaybajrangi.com or call at 9278665588 or at 9278555588 for complete guidance on this subject.

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