Lockdown for 3 weeks across the country from today

New Delhi: Corona Virus has caused havoc all over the world. Due to the outbreak of this virus, thousands of people have died and millions of people are infected with it. To deal with this serious epidemic, PM Modi addressed the nation on Tuesday and appealed to the country to save itself and its family by following government rules.

10 big things about PM Modi’s address-

1- PM Modi said, ‘There will be a lockdown in the entire country from 12 o’clock tonight. That is, there will be a ban on exiting the houses from 12 o’clock tonight. This lockdown will be for a full 3 weeks i.e. 21 days

2- PM said that this lockdown is a curfew of sorts. Where people are in the country, stay there. This lockdown will be stricter than the public curfew.

3- PM said that if 21 days is not possible then 21 years will go back, many families will be destroyed. Whatever happens, you have to stay at home.

4- PM said that Laxman Rekha does not cross the house, only then he will be able to escape from Corona. You have to be restrained at every step. You have to remember – if you know you are the world

5- PM said that 21 days are necessary to eliminate corona. Corona means no road is left. Forget what happens outside.

6- PM said to follow the law and rules. Take care of yourself and your loved ones, stay away from rumors.

7- PM said that the chain of fighting Corona will have to be broken. Patients are not only threatened by corona, but doctors, nurses, pathology and medical staff are working in danger.

8- PM said that the Corona will be controlled only after following the government instructions. You will have to learn from the Corona affected countries.

9- PM said that this is the time to strengthen our resolve and restraint.

10- PM said that it is my priority to save you and your family. A step out of the house can bring Corona to your home

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