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PM Modi’s taunt on Rahul Gandhi’s ‘kicking’ thing – many tube lights are like this

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi had said in an election rally on Wednesday that the youth of the country will beat PM Narendra Modi with a stick after six months. On this, PM Modi in his speech in Lok Sabha on Thursday said that he will increase his number of ‘Surya Namaskar’ to deal with it so that he can bear such a blow. PM Modi said this in his speech during the vote of thanks to the President’s address to the Lok Sabha. During this time Rahul Gandhi tried to say something but could not be heard due to the noise of the house. On this, PM Modi said in a light manner, ‘I have been speaking for the last 30-40 minutes but the current has reached there … some tube lights run like this

People who are Muslims for Congress, they are Indians for us: PM Modi

In fact, PM Modi said that a Congress leader said that within six months I will be beaten with a stick. This is obviously a difficult thing. However, six months’ time is required to prepare to deal with it. In this regard, six months’ time is required

In this context, referring to his yoga practice, PM Modi said that I will increase my number of ‘Surya Namaskar’. By doing this, I have proved myself with abuses in the last 20 years. In the same way, by saluting the sun, I will strengthen myself so that I can strengthen my back to bear the pole. However, I am thankful to him that he told me six months ago so that I can make my preparations.

Speaking on the CAA issue, PM Modi said that the way the statements have been made is not correct. The opposition raised the issue of Shaheen Bagh. The suffering people of Pt Bengal are sitting here. If the raw-paper is opened here, then there will be trouble. Some people are saying what is the hurry to bring CAA. There is talk of cutting the country. Every effort is being made to create imaginary fear. Standing next to those who cut the pieces of the country, take photographs. Pakistan left no stone unturned to provoke Indian Muslims. Targeting the Congress, it said that the people who were taken away from the throne of power and sent home … Regrettably, they are doing these things. In the eyes of Congress, Muslims are only Muslims, whereas, in the eyes of the government, every Muslim is Indian. “Full power has been put in to create imaginary fears. Those people are speaking who take photographs with those who talk about the pieces of the country. This is what Pakistan has been saying. The talk of Pakistan is not increasing. The country has seen who is for the party and who is for the country. Anyone can aspire to become PM, but the country has been divided by pulling the line on India.

A poet said-
It is a very good curtain that we are sitting next to the drapery.
Do not hide clearly, do not even come out !!
This public knows everything. Understands

He said that no one is going to be harmed by CAA. Minorities of India are not going to be harmed in any way. I want to ask the people of Congress that in the name of politics, they bake bread but do they remember the riots of 84? Tires were burnt in Sikhs’ throats … The accused were not even sent to jail. Those who are accused, you make them CM. Will you have two scales for minorities?

Nehru-Liaquat Agreement
In Pakistan, minorities are still being mistreated. What happened in Nankana Sahib? The Nehru-Liaquat agreement was signed in 1950. Religious minorities will not be discriminated against. This agreement was reached In Pakistan, minorities are still being mistreated. What happened in Nankana Sahib? Why did such a big secular thinker like Nehru not use the word of all citizens? Will there be some reason then?

On January 19, 1990, the identity of Kashmir was buried. PM Modi said this in the context of the migration of Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir. We trusted the people of Kashmir.

Earlier, when PM Modi’s speech started, there were slogans of Jai Shri Ram from the power side. Slogans of Mahatma Gandhi be immortal. At the beginning of the speech on this, PM Modi said that Gandhi Ji can be a trailer for you… Gandhi Ji is life for us. He said that the President has presented the vision of New India in his address. The statement of the Honorable President of the third decade of the 21st century is going to give direction and inspiration to all of us and instill confidence in the people of the country. Everyone has presented their views… but what is the speed of government work? A voice has arisen that why the government is in a hurry for all the work? Why are we doing all the work together? Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena has written in his poem that-

Walk on the path, whose feet are weak and lost,
We are loved by those who made our journey, such unbuilt paths

Important things of PM Modi:

  • People have only changed the government … it is not so … concern has also changed
  • If we walk in the same way… walking on the same path… then even after 70 years, article 370 will not be removed from this country…
  • If you go in your way, the sword of three di

When I see Adhir Ji, I congratulate Kiran Rijiju. Adhir Ji promotes Fit India well. Do speeches as well as gym

  • We want to move away from the league by making a new line
  • Even after 70 years, the country is not ready for long waiting. Speed ​​and scale also increased … we try. There should be sensitivities and also solutions
  • The speed at which we have worked … the people of the country have seen it in 5 years. It has been the boom of this government that in the last five years, bank accounts of 37 crore people were opened. 11 crore people got toilet facilities in their homes. 13 crore people got gas connections. Two crore people got homes.
  • In the North East, Delhi which seemed distant to them in the last five years, today Delhi has stood at their doorstep.
  • All arms groups have come together in the Bodo agreement this time. The most important thing is written in it that after this there is no demand for Bodo. Today new dawn has also arrived, a new dawn has also arrived, new light has also arrived. Targeting the opposition, he said that that light will be visible when you change your glasses. Once, some people were going on the train. A saint said that look how the sound is coming from the tracks, even the dead tracks are saying that the Lord can cross the fleet. Then the other saint says that I am listening to you, Lord Your Leela is immense. The cleric sitting near said that I am hearing that Allah is your mercy. The wrestler sitting with me says that I can hear that eating rabri, doing exercise. On this, there was laughter in Parliament. Then Modi said that as the mind is composed, it is heard.

Before our arrival, the budget of the Ministry of Agriculture was Rs 27 thousand crores, now we have increased it by nearly five times to about Rs 1.5 lakh crore. The PM crop insurance scheme has created confidence in the farmers. Under this scheme, a premium of about 13 thousand crores came from the farmers. But for the loss caused to the farmers due to natural disasters, about 56 thousand crores were received from this insurance scheme.

Increase the income of farmers, this is our priority. Reducing input cost is our priority. The first 7 million tonnes of pulses and oilseeds were purchased in our country. While 100 lakh tonnes of pulses and oilseeds were procured during our tenure. Targeting the opposition, he said that I do not consider your words as criticism. I believe in guiding inspiration because if you also know that you will do the same. (Smiling)
Attacking the opposition, he said that corruption was also debated in the House earlier. There was a discussion on the monkey of resources. Oh God, what did you keep? I will not do one thing… will not let you… will not let your unemployment go away