Pakistan’s nefarious act, Corona spreading in PoK to get international help

Lahore: People of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) are taking to the streets to protest against the decision of the Government of Pakistan in which about 200 Corona Virus victims of Pakistan have been kept in PoK. Kashmiri political activists say that Pakistan has shifted more than 200 corona-affected patients to a hospital in Mirpur city of PoK. The activists have reprimanded Pakistan for this. Activists say that Pakistan is deliberately spreading the Coronavirus to get international help.

Nazir Aziz Khan, a consideration for the United Kashmir People’s National Party, said, “When the coronavirus began to spread worldwide, many countries took it seriously and used their best infrastructure to fight the epidemic.” For example, Italy, which has the best health infrastructure in the world. In the same way, other European countries like Switzerland, Germany, France, Great Britain gave full strength to fight this epidemic but could not stop its infection from spreading. ”

Nazir said that despite having excellent health infrastructure, he failed to prevent the number of deaths in his countries. Please tell that Nazir is associated with PoK’s United Kashmir People’s National Party, currently, he lives in Switzerland.

He strongly condemned Pakistan’s move to transfer coronavirus patients to PoK. He said that there are many empty places and hospitals in Pakistan where he can keep the corona victims. But Pakistan has a conspiracy behind keeping more than 200 patients in PoK. Pakistan wants international help by spreading corona in PoK.

Nasir further said that when the coronavirus started spreading all over Pakistan, the government did not take it seriously. There was only one positive case of corona in PoK. Now more than 200 Corona victims from Punjab province are being shifted to Mirpur city of PoK. While there are no basic health facilities in PoK.

He said that there is neither a laboratory nor a blood test unit in PoK. While trained doctors for the treatment of coronavirus patients are also not here.

Naseer said that we want to ask the Government of Pakistan whether they do not have the infrastructure including hospitals and doctors in Punjab province? In the last 73 years, you could not give a good hospital to PoK. Now, why are Corona patients being transported here?

He said that Pakistan’s coronavirus patient should be treated there itself. He said that we have also complained about this to the international community including WHO and UN. PoK is a disputed area and Pakistan has no right to transfer patients of Coron virus in this area.

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