This is how India is dealing with Corona

New Delhi: The way the Central and State Governments are working to prevent the infection of Corona Virus is truly commendable. In this regard, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has praised the work of doctors, nurses, airport staff and all the employees involved in the war against Corona.

The PM tweeted and said, ‘People are discussing different aspects of the way India is competing with COVID-19. It is definitely boosting the morale of all the doctors, nurses, municipal employees, airport employees and all others who are at the forefront of fighting COVID-19. ‘PM has written #IndiaFightsCorona with it.

Let me tell you that India made timely efforts to deal with the Coronavirus causing havoc around the world and was also successful to a great extent. As soon as the news of coronavirus infection spread, India first airlifted the Indians from Wuhan city of China. Indians are constantly being resuscitated from other countries. On Sunday, 53 Indians stranded due to Coronavirus infection in Iran’s capital Tehran were brought back to India. There are 52 students and 1 teacher in this 53-member team.

Airport screening started before America
India has already arranged for the screening of those returning to the country from America. Tourists who came to India from Dallas in New Jersey were stunned by the preparations of the Government of India at the airport. He told the press that I was very happy to see that the Health Officers are checking every passenger as soon as they get off the plane. Even before this, some foreign tourists on social media had appreciated the Indian system.

Medical facilities and isolation camp
India had arranged isolation camps in time. So that people brought to India from abroad and other corona infected can be kept in isolation.

Left developed countries behind
After China, Corona has caused the most devastation in a small and developed country like Italy. But in India with a population of 135 crores, Corona is under control in India, this has been possible because the central and state governments took concrete steps to protect it in time. The Delhi government first ordered the closure of school-colleges and cinema halls. After this, other states also took several steps to prevent infection.

India brought SAARC countries together
To fight the war on the world-ravaging virus, PM Modi suggested SAARC countries form Kovid-19 Emergency Fund and announced to give $ 10 million from India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also informed the Presidents of SAARC countries about India’s preparations in the fight against Corona. Prime Minister Imran Khan did not reach Pakistan only in this meeting of SAARC countries. Apart from him, the heads of all the countries attended this meeting. Minister of State for Health Zafar Mirza joined on behalf of Pakistan. Zafar Mirza also initiated PM Modi’s initiative for the fight against Corona and said that no country can deal with the Coronavirus alone. Bhutan, Maldives, and Nepal are also ready to fight with Corona by joining hands with India. India has advised the whole world by planning a war against Corona with SAARC countries, if you want to defeat Corona, you have to join hands

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